Effective Management for Sophisticated Investors.

We offer allocation solutions through strategies uncorrelated to usual markets.

Capital Raising through the Capital de Markets.

We analyze and develop innovative credit solutions and structured funds.

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With over 15 years, Octante Capital is led by partners with extensive experience in the Brazilian Capital Markets.

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We work independently, with the highest ethical and excellence standards.

Focus on maximizing risk-adjusted returns for investors.

Análises fundamentalistas qualitativa e quantitativa sustentam a construção de um processo de investimento robusto.

We provide diversification solutions to investors through differentiated strategies in international markets.

Our discussion environment is horizontal and heterogeneous, with a wide range of ideas, and guided by meritocracy.

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Capital Markets

Pioneers in the issuance of CRA in Brazil.

With extensive experience in debt issuances and structured funds, Octante's Capital Markets and Securitization team develops innovative solutions for Debentures, Commercial Papers, Agricultural Receivables Certificates (CRAs), Real Estate Receivables Certificates (CRIs), Agribusiness Investment Funds (FIAGROs), Receivables Investment Funds (FIDCs), and Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs).

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Asset Management

Brazilian Fund with Overseas Investment.

Through a team with deep expertise in international markets, investments are made in corporate and sovereign bonds in Latin America, with a bias towards Brazil, and benchmarked against Brazilian’s CDI.

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