How do I know where to pick in the field?

You will be assigned a row to pick when you check-in with staff upon your arrival at the farm. We monitor row assignments with our you-pick, the same way we would when we pick the field to make it the most efficient and productive for you.

Can I eat berries in the field?

Your are welcome to try a berry or two, but please keep tasting to a minimum to be fair to everyone.

Why do I need to stay in my row?

We are a working farm. Knowing where you picked saves time and effor and is the most productive use of your time.

Why can't I step on the plastic mulch?

Repeated stepping on the plastic creates wholes in the plastic which causes weeds to grow and makes it much harder to maintain the patch. You may also damage the irrigation tape which lies underneath the plastic.

Why do I need to pick the small berries?

All ripe berries must be picked from a row, to eliminate duplication of work. If you are worried about the taste, try one - they are delicious! It may take more effort on your part, but the smaller ones are often sweeter and taste great in your desserts, jams and on your morning cereal!

Do you spray your strawberry plants with chemicals?

We choose not to spray our strawberry plants and do not use organic or convenitonal herbicides or pesticides on our plants. Although this reduces the quantitiy of berries produced in the field, we think they taste better and we know they are better for you!

Why do you have inconsistant picking hours?

The plants, Mother Nature and the number of people picking on a given day control our picking hours. Please check with us prior to your visit and thank you for understanding if by some chance we are out of strawberries when you arrive.

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